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“Are you experiencing a life change? Even seemingly good changes can bring up overwhelming feelings of sadness, grief, worry, and anxiousness. Maybe you’re finding family patterns that are no longer serving you. Growth is “messy” and can feel overwhelming. As a bilingual Latina Integrative Psychotherapist, I specialize in helping first- and second-generation immigrants, Spanish-speaking and POC clients work through the emotional impacts that come from being the “first,” from being a cycle-breaker; leaning on culture as a means of cultivating your resilience, reconnecting to the ancestral wisdom that supports you as you heal and grow.

As a practitioner, I know healing has many layers. My approach to mental health integrates multiple facets of wellness; by incorporating “plática” therapy, breath work, meditation, cultural tools, and nature, as a way of connecting back to ourselves. In addition, I specialize in conducting psychological evaluations for immigration proceedings.

I wholeheartedly believe that in these times, our most revolutionary act is to heal; shifting family narratives and patterns that no longer serve us is courageous work; honoring traditions that sustain us is radical love. Contact me for a free phone consultation.”


Patricia Cortez Washington, LCSW
Integrative Psychotherapist and
Creator of Semillas Counseling & Wellness, Inc.